Print Data transport

WeTransfer is one of the most widely used file-hosting provider worldwide. Due to this we use this tool to guarantee a easy and trouble-free data transfer for you. Click the button below to get to our WeTransfer page.

How to use WeTransfer?

  • Without registration you are able to transfer data up to 2 GB. First step: Attach the desired data via drag and drop or by clicking the “plus” icon.

  • Insert into the second box.

  • Please enter your e-mail address into the next input field. As soon as we have downloaded your data you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

  • Aditionally you can send us further information by writing a personal message into the last input field.

If you click onto the (…) Icon you can decide whether you would like to transport your data via E-Mail or by generating a Download-Link.

Further providers we recommend you:

You have problems with the data transportation?

If there are problems occurring with the data transfer please contact uns via +43 6588 84 40 52.We will help you immediately and try to find a suitable solution.