You can choose between 4 metallic colors: gold, silver, anthracite and copper/bronze. The line width of the motifs must be at least 1 pt. or approx. 0.5 mm.

You want print tattoos with metallic colors? Please follow these steps

  1. Download template for your desired tattoo type:
  2. Open the template in your graphics program (we recommend Adobe Illustrator)
  3. Create the areas you want to have in a metallic color on the layer „your design“ and color all elements on this layer with the color field „Metallic Color1“ (this is a color field with 100% black, which will be printed later in the printing process in the respective metallic color from the order, if you want to create a second metallic color on the same sheet, please create a color field with 100% cyan and the name „Metallic Color2“).

The line width of the motifs must be at least 0.5 mm.

Alternative for non-graphic artists: Provide us with a file (whether JPEG, PNG or any other file format) in which the motif, which will later shine in metallic tones, is represented in a uniform color.

Before we produce your adhesive tattoos, we will send you a print release, where you can check the graphic again.