What is white printing and how do I build print data with white printing?

You want print tattoos including white print? Please follow these steps:

  1. Download template: www.print-tattoo.com/en/print-data-with-layout-templates/
  2. Open the template in your desired graphics program (we recommend Adobe Illustrator)
  3. In the „Layers“ window you will find a layer named „White Print“, make this layer visible and put the areas you want to have white background on this layer. Color all elements on this layer with the color field „white“ (this is a solid color with 100% magenta, which will be printed white later in the printing process).

Alternative for all non-graphic designers:

Upload your desired graphic in our online-shop as JPEG or PNG in high resolution –> we will then place the file in the selected format and if you have selected „with whiteprint, we will add a white background to the entire motif.