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What does the delivery cost?


Was kostet die Lieferung? For orders placed in the online shop, delivery to Austria and Germany is free of charge. For all other European countries,

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How do you Stick On Large Tattoos?


Tip: ask a second person for help. When sticking large adhesive tattoos on, it is important to moisten the paper evenly and to avoid air bubbles.

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How are the Tattoos Delivered?


The delivery is made by Austrian post or various delivery services and forwarders like DPD and GO!.

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How Long Can the Tattoos be Stored?


The adhesive tattoos can be stored for approx. two years. Extreme heat and moisture should be avoided.

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How are Temporary Tattoos Removed?


The easiest way to remove the tattoos is with the plaster remover offered by us as well, which is available as a cloth or spray. However, by rubbing t

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Instructions for use – How to apply Temporary Tattoos?


Clean and dry the affected area of skin Remove surface protection from the front Press the adhesive side on clean and dry skin surface Scrub the tatto

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How Long Does the Delivery Take?


You will typically receive Print tattoos within approx. 3-4 weeks from receipt of print approval via standard shipping within Europe.

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How long do the tattoos last on the skin?


The tattoos remain nicely visible after applying to the skin for about two to six (2 - 6) days. During this time the Tattoosticker are water and sweat

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