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What ingredients do Print Tattoos have?


What ingredients do Print Tattoos have? Coloured adhesive tattoos contain the following ingredients (the ingredients are also listed on the back of e

What ingredients do Print Tattoos have?2023-08-23T07:27:12+02:00

Are print tattoos gluten-free?


Yes! Based on the recipe and the respective raw material information, all adhesive tattoos from Print Tattoo are gluten-free.

Are print tattoos gluten-free?2021-09-08T09:56:38+02:00

How are the printed tattoos packaged?


The printed tattoos are standardly covered with protective paper cover and cut. Then they get bundled and packaged. Optionally, tattoo sheets can als

How are the printed tattoos packaged?2023-04-24T13:19:03+02:00

Which colors can be printed?


Basically, all colours on your motif can be printed. In addition to plain black and colours, glittering and metallic colours, such as gold, silver, b

Which colors can be printed?2023-08-03T16:11:40+02:00

What are temporary tattoos?


What are temporary tattoos? Print Tattoos - we all know them from our childhood - are temporary tattoos that can be easily and quickly applied to the

What are temporary tattoos?2023-07-07T10:36:48+02:00