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Are there any other uses of tattoo stickers?


These removable tattoos can also be applied to glass, wood, metal, plastic, carpet and many other materials. It should be noted that the surface is sm

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What Edge Distance Must Be Observed?


The motif requires at least 3 mm of edge distance to the paper edge.

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What is a Back Print?


The reverse side of the backing paper of an adhesive tattoo is used as a print area for additional information. There you will usually find the instru

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How can I send my print files?


You can upload files with a maximum size of 5 MB in our online shop. When ordering by e-mail, you can either send us the data directly in the e-mail

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Which colors can be printed?


Basically, all colours on your motif can be printed. In addition to plain black and colours, glittering and metallic colours, such as gold, silver, b

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Do not apply adhesive tattoos on open skin, mucous membranes, or near the eyes and mouth, as well as on sensitive or irritated skin. Wet adhesive tatt