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Make a statement

Tattoos have long ago evolved from purely aesthetic statements to personal expressions with social meaning. Their meanings are diverse and can be visual expressions of beliefs, a desire for social change or statements against oppression, inequality or injustice. History is rich with examples of how tattoos have been used as statements. They can show belonging and understanding and become symbols of freedom. In a world where freedom of expression is increasingly under threat, tattoos are more important than ever.

Examples of statement tattoos

Commonly used symbols for statement tattoos are peace signs, short slogans, raised fists or other small symbols. These statement tattoos are often placed on spots where they are most visible. For those who also want to make a statement but don’t want a lifelong tattoo, temporary adhesive tattoos offer a perfect way to represent values and speak out on social issues. Print tattoos may fade from the skin, but their message endures.

Black lives matter tattoo

Black lives matter tattoo

Protest Tattoo

Save the planet tattoo

LGBTQ Tattoo

LGBTQ+ tattoo

DIY Tattoo

Empowerment tattoo


Peace tattoo

Feminism tattoo

Feminism tattoo

No means no

No means no tattoo

You are not alone Tattoo

You are not alone tattoo

Small messages with big impact

Tattoos are often used as a sign of solidarity during Pride month. June is all about the rainbow flag, the symbol of the LGBTQ+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer + other sexual orientations and forms of identity).

During Pride month, the wonderful diversity of our society is celebrated, and numerous Pride parades and other colorful events take place. Companies that want to contribute to Pride month can make a visual statement to the community and express their solidarity, pride and openness, in the form of a temporary tattoo. With rainbow flag print tattoos and personalized designs, companies can bring more color into the world!

What we do

For all Pride orders received between April 20, 2024 and June 20, 2024, we will donate 2% of sales to QUEER BASE Vienna. This organization is committed to helping people who are persecuted or discriminated against because of their sexuality or gender identity.

Queer Base Wien
Flaggentattoos Love Wins

Don’t want to design your own tattoo?
Our “Love wins” set is available for purchase starting from one piece in our online store.

How to order?

Print tattoos with individual Pride month designs can be created starting from 100 pieces. Be creative and create tattoos in different shapes and colors or even place your logo on them. The backside of the tattoos can also be customized. Tip: Leave out the date so that the Pride month tattoos can be worn not only in June, but of course all year round! Do you have any questions about the design? Feel free to contact us!

Good to know!

Adhesive tattoos from Print Tattoo meet the strict requirements of the European Cosmetics Regulation and received a “very good” rating from the Dermatest Institute in 2023. Thanks to the use of vegan ingredients and an environmentally friendly paper, Print Tattoos are an extremely sustainable choice.