Our Supreme Discipline is Large Runs!

High quantities command us in different production areas. Through our targeted pre-planning as well as excellent procurement logistics, we are able to implement large runs at short notice in the usual quality.

Bulk orders are worthwhile! We grant exclusive discounts starting from an order value of € 2,500.00.

We are not only accurate but really speed up as well! 1,000,000 tattoos produced in the foreseeable future – no problem!

Individual Order Adjustment

We will always try to put together the best offer for you to the best of our ability. That is why we can only provide you with the exact delivery time and payment terms after clarifying various details.

Neutral Shipping

Upon request, we also offer neutral shipping. Thus, your order can be sent directly to the customer and you appear as the sender of the package. Just inform us of this request when placing the order, and our team will clarify further details for you.

Efficient Shipping

The delivery can be made in total or partial quantities by arrangement. Also, the delivery can be made to various distribution centres, subsidiaries, and stores. The transport is made with different parcel services free of charge!

Delivery times cannot be estimated, as they depend on various production parameters. For detailed information on the delivery, please contact us directly.