Sheet of Paper-stickers in cardboard packaging

Sticker with paper Surface

Paper-stickers have a pleasant paper structure, which gives them a high-quality appearance. Nevertheless, they are robust and adhere to various surfaces. The individual stickers, which can be combined on a sticker sheet, can be die-cut to any desired shape. This makes it possible to offer entire sticker sets. Natural color tones harmonize very well with the surface of the stickers, but also stronger tones can be implemented true to color. Paper-stickers are particularly well suited to be combined with Print Tattoo Organics in order to offer theme-specific sets for young and old.

paper-stickers on bottle

*Note: Paper-stickers are decorative items and are not dishwasher safe.

paper-stickers on bottle in hand
temporary tattoos on the hand

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Tattoos + Sticker with paper surface

Print Tattoo Organics make a harmonious set together with the paper stickers. Color shades can be perfectly matched on both materials. Whether offered together in a cardboard box or individually: with Print Tattoo Organics and paper stickers, an infinite number of creative projects can be realized.

Packaging for paper-stickers

Paper-stickers and adhesive tattoos can be combined and packaged in different ways. Printed cardboard packaging or bags made of glassine (fine paper) are best suited for this purpose. These can additionally be provided with a Euro perforation, viewing window or stickers to meet individual requirements for the point of sale.

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