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Temporary tattoos with winter motifs Cozy Vibes | Tattoos & Stickers


Set of Organic Fantattoos and Stickers with Paper Surface

  • skin-friendly adhesive tattoos, regularly dermatologically tested
  • last 2-6 days on the skin
  • Easy to apply with water
  • Print Tattoo Organics
  • Sustainable packaging

Delivery time: approx. 12-15 workdays



Temporary tattoos with winter motifs

You want to bring joy to your loved ones in the cold season? The Print Tattoo & Sticker Set Cozy Vibes contains trendy lettering stickers and adhesive tattoos with winter motifs. They are perfect as Christmas tattoos to fill Advent calendars or as a special surprise for gifts and Christmas cards.Additionally, on the back of the cardboard packaging you have space for your greetings and messages. So let’s get cozy 🙂

Attention: Due to the production process, there may be a small paper marking (dot code) on the backing paper. This is not a reason for complaint.

About Print Tattoo Artworks

Temporary tattoo sets are perfect as a giveaway, greeting card or small gift. Print Tattoos are produced according to the highest quality standards in Austria and are continuously dermatologically tested.

User manual

Gebrauchsanweisung Tattoos auftragen Folie abziehen

Remove protective foil.

Tattoo auftragen Gebrauchsanweisung auf die Haut pressen

Press front side of the tattoo on cleaned skin.

Moisten tattoo with a sponge or a piece of cloth and wait for 20 seconds.

Gebrauchsanweisung Klebetattoo auftragen Folie abziehen

Gently remove release paper and let the tattoo air-dry.

Increase life-span of your tattoo.

If you want to increase the permanency of your tattoo, use transparent spray patch. We highly recommend that for temporary tattoos worn at sports or in water activities. A good tip on giving your tattoo the extra shine, add a bit of makeup powder to make it look even more realistic.

Our temporary tattoos are inappropriate for the use by kids under the age of 3 years, as items could be swallowed.

Please bear in mind that temporary tattoos should not be applied on sensitive skin around eyes and mouth or on irritated skin.

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