Adhesive tattoo foil for electronic commerce company

We are grateful for producing adhesive tattoo foil for the renowned German company Zalando. Five different sujets were manufactured.

Printed in 4c, the tattoo stickers were shipped to the customer including backside print with user’s manual, safety note and list of substances. All tattoos conform to the cosmetics regulation EG1223/2009 and are therefore non-irritating and skin-friendly.



tattoo klebefolie

Gold & Glitter Tattoos

Did you hear about our flash tattoos in gold, metallic and glitter? The sparkle or glitter effect is compatible with every colour tattoo provided by Print Tattoo. It is possible to print gold and metallic tattoos with single-colour golden designs and/or single-colour designs with golden-metallic backgrounding. Gold and glitter tattoos conform to the cosmetics regulation EG1223/2009, of course.