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How to apply temporary tattoos

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Important information

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Manfred Roucka

Customer Care B2B

Individual offering

    B2B-Customers enjoy a special and fast customer support.

    • Which tattoo is desired (color tattoo, gold tattoo etc.)?
    • Is it one or multiple motives?
    • Which format should the tattoo or the whole paper sheet have?

    • How much do you need?

    • Where is delivered?

    • When should the delivery be done at the latest?

    Here your can find answers to some frequently asked questions:

    Where can I find business price lists?2023-04-24T13:40:31+02:00

    Where can I find business price lists?

    As a registered business customer you will find price lists with special business prices on the page: My account. As a registered business customer you can also order in our online shop at the same conditions. The registration is very simple and also possible under: My account.

    How do I get free samples?2023-04-24T13:48:52+02:00

    How do I get free samples?

    By registering here as a business customer: and then ordering a sample pack in the Print Tattoo online shop.

    Business customers can order a free sample pack in our online store with different Print Tattoos to try out, as well as all of our packaging options.

    How do I create print data for my individual temporary tattoos?2023-08-03T16:14:18+02:00


    1. Creating print data for your print tattoos is very easy, just follow the steps below:
    2. Download templates
    3. Open the template in your desired graphics program (we recommend Adobe Illustrator)
    4. Edit the template and then save it from the graphics program as „Illustrator PDF“ (for motifs with a fall off the edge incl. 3 mm bleed)
    5. Upload data depending on the order process in the online store or send it by mail.

    Alternative for all non-graphic designers:

    Upload your desired graphic in our online-shop as JPEG or PNG in high resolution –> we will then place the file in the selected format and if you order “temporary tattoos in colour”, we will add a white background to the entire motif.

    Where can I find layout templates and instructions for setting up print data?2023-04-24T13:51:57+02:00

    Where can I find layout templates and instructions for setting up print data?

    On the page Layout Templates you will find templates for the layout of your individual tattoos for download. A template for the backside is also included, with all the elements that must be placed on the backside according to the regulations. You can design the back individually in grayscale (change fonts, add logo or design elements) as long as you integrate all these elements. To order a tattoo including custom back printing in the store, simply upload a PDF with 2 pages (front and back).

    How Long Does the Delivery Take?2023-07-07T10:37:32+02:00

    You will typically receive Print tattoos within approx. 15 working days from receipt of print approval via standard shipping within Europe.

    What Sizes and Formats are offered?2023-04-24T13:54:13+02:00

    What sizes and formats are offered?

    Our standard sizes for temporary tattoos are:

    • 50 x 50 mm
    • 75 x 75 mm
    • 100 x 100 mm
    • DIN A6
    • DIN A5
    • DIN A4

    These sizes refer to the final format of the paper and any number of designs can be placed on the sheet. These standard sizes are the easiest and fastest to deliver. Different paper sizes are available on request.

    What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?2023-04-24T13:48:00+02:00

    The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces per motif and size. Due to our production process, unfortunately, we can not produce smaller quantities.

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