Packaging Solutions

In the field of packaging, we offer various possibilities as well. We can implement all packaging options right on the premises. Thus, you get everything conveniently from one source. Here you can find a selection of our standard packaging; upon request, we can also provide you with an offer for individual packaging solutions.

Sustainable Organic Packaging

To ensure that our Print Tattoo Organics are 100% environmentally friendly from ingredients to packaging, we only use sustainable packaging and filling materials for these products. For example, we use paper packing tapes, climate-neutral shipping bags and PVC-free stickers. Let us know if you have any other packaging ideas and we will be happy to meet your individual requirements.

Flyer mit aufgeklebten Tattoos


Tattoo-Flyer are especially useful as advertising leaflets and for marketing events. Individual tattoos are fixated on flyers or postcards with a special glue dot. The manufacturing of the cards takes place in our printery, too.

From 100 pcs.

Klebetattoos in gefaltener Kartonverpackung

Cardboard Packaging

In a printed and folded box, several tattoo sheets can be combined in a simple and stylish way. The cardboard packaging is particularly environmentally friendly, makes the tattoo kit even higher in quality, and offers the possibility to print important information and prices.

From 500 pcs.

Cardboard folder

A folded cardboard packaging is simple and inexpensive to produce. All important information can be easily integrated on the packaging. The folded cardboard protects the tattoos and in addition they can be fixed inside with a staple or a glue dot.

From 100 pieces in individual formats

Glassine bags (with rubber coating)

Glassine bags (fine paper bags) protect the packed tattoos and still let the motifs shine through. They are best suited for tattoo sheets in A5 and A6. In these formats, the bags are also available with a rubber coating for easy closing.

From 100 pieces in standard formats (A4, A5, A6)

Glassine pouch + header

The transparent glassine bags (fine paper bags) in combination with a cardboard header are ideal for placing brand messages and information directly on the tattoo. The euro perforation additionally enables an easy presentation at the point of sale. (Header is glued or stapled depending on the number of copies)

From 100 pieces in standard formats

Print Tattoos in Polybeutel verpackt

Polybag Packaging

Polybags are the all-rounders in the packaging sector. Foil bags are transparent, robust, and are especially suitable for packaging and selling tattoo kits. Our polybags made of recyclable plastic are particularly environmentally friendly.

From 100 pcs. / with adhesive closure and printed as of 5000 pieces

Klebetattoos in Polybeutel inklusive Kartonheader


You want to furnish a unique tattoo product with a wealth of information? Then single packaging in a cardboard header is just the thing. The individually printable cardboard header makes it possible to integrate a wealth of product information, such as prices, safety instructions, and bar codes, right on the packaging. Here you can find templates for A5-Tattoo-Headers and A6-Tattoo-Headers

From 500 pcs.

Klebetattoos in ökologischer Papierverpackung

Paperbag Packaging

The paperbag ist the perfect way to package tattosets in a sustainable and valuable way. The possibilities are endless: different bag sizes, with imprint, with stickers and many more available.

From 1000 pcs. / printed from 5000 pieces

Further processing

Perforierte Tattooboegen zum abtrennen ohne Schere


It is possible to perforate individual tattoo sheets. This enables easy separation without a pair of scissors. Perforation can be done horizontally or vertically. This is the perfect solution when several elements are combined on one tattoo-sheet.

From 500 pcs.

EURO punching

Single tattoo sheets or with packaging can be euro-punched afterwards. This finishing option is particularly suitable for the individual sale of tattoo sets, as it makes it easy to present tattoos at the point of sale.

From 100 pcs.