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The trend colour 2024: Peach Fuzz

Friendly, delicate and calm – this is how the experts at the Pantone Color Institute describe the trend colour 2024. It lets us start 2024 with a pleasant lightness and makes us want to use it in creative projects. When used in cosmetics, the trend colour has a fresh and invigorating effect and can be perfectly combined with earthy browns and deep reds and plums. Peach Fuzz is also ideal for use in packaging and stickers and evokes memories of sweet and delicate fragrances and flavours.

At Fashion Week in London and New York, many other shades also emerged as trend colours for the coming year. Once again, we have put together a selection of trend colours that you can use for your creative projects in 2024. Of course, the matching colour codes are also included so that your trend tattoos can be realised perfectly with the skin-friendly printing inks from Print Tattoo.

CMYK colour values for the 2024 trend colours:

Peach Fuzz: CMYK = 0/36/42/0
Strong Blue: CMYK = 91/63/7/0
Spicy Mustard: CMYK = 15/30/79/4
Pastel Lilac: CMYK = 29/32/0/0
Orangeade: CMYK = 7/82/82/0
Mint: CMYK = 80/10/68/0
Bistro Green: CMYK = 75/44/56/42
Lemon Drop: CMYK = 6/6/62/0
Capri: CMYK = 67/3/17/0
Chutney: CMYK = 29/65/62/27
Sun Orange: CMYK = 0/60/81/0
Chambray blue: CMYK = 43/27/3/0

Tip: For a short time, a colour card with the 2024 trend colours is included in every sample set.

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