Metallic Tattoos on arm

Adhesive metallic tattoos

With a little help of metallic tattoos, you can post your advert effectively. Pick from an infinite variety of metallic shades and designs that fit your target group best. We would like to print your customized metallic tattoo or grade up your individualised color tattoo with shiny metallic particles. The choice is yours: metallic lettering, intricate patterns or logo print. We will manufacture your personal piece of art.

Metallic tattoos from Print tattoo are easily applied and will stay 2 to 6 days on skin. They are sweat- and water-resistant and do not irritate the skin. Print Tattoo will produce your custom metallic tattoos which are conform to the European Cosmetics Regulation EG 1223/2009. Metallic tattoos are a must-have at business events, festivals and widely used in the field of advertising.

Metallic Tattoos in bronze
Metallic tattoo in silver on leg
Shining silver tattoo on back

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Attention! Metallic-Tattoos, which are not yet completely dried on the skin, can rub off on other materials (e.g. leather) when exposed to heat.

Metallic Tattoos in silver

Easy to apply and remove

Klebetattoos in Farbe, ANwendungshinweise, kinderleichte Anwendung

Step 1: Remove protective foil from the front side.

Klebetattoos in Farbe, ANwendungshinweise, kinderleichte Anwendung

Step 2: Press front side of the tattoo on cleaned skin.

Klebetattoos in Farbe, ANwendungshinweise, kinderleichte Anwendung

Step 3: Moisten tattoo with a sponge or a piece of cloth for 20 seconds.

Klebetattoos in Farbe, ANwendungshinweise, kinderleichte Anwendung

Step 4: Gently remove release paper and let the tattoo air-dry.

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Metallic Tattoos
Metallic Tattoos on arm

New projects, trends and much inspiration!


Metallic tattoos with jewelry motive
buddha metallic tattoo
silver tattoo with wolf
metallic tattoos back

Custom silver tattoos an bronze tattoos

Silver tattoos and bronze tattoos may be yours once you’ve told us your custom design. Our variety of color will constantly be updated, state-of-the art so to speak.

Metallic tattoos with colour combo

Once you mix metallic tattoos with black, colorful lettering or multi-color designs, your tattoo will get a flamboyant style that strikes the eye. Fancy jewellery-tattoos, high quality flag-tattoos and other special projects are the result of an interplay of color and metallic shades. Color up your life and upgrade your color tattoo!

Temporary tattoos in metallic
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