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Temporary tattoos in Gold with your own design – from 100 pieces

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Delivery time: approx. 3-4 weeks

Formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .eps, .pdf, .svg
The stroke weight must be at least 1 pt. or approx. 0.5 mm

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Productinformation ORGANICS Gold Tattoos

Order gold tattoos and add stylish accents: We produce gold tattoos with your custom design from a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.


  • Easy to apply with water
  • 2-6 days durable on the skin
  • with ORGANICS paper cover
  • 100% vegan
  • Regularly dermatologically tested
  • Made in Austria

Gold tattoos from Print Tattoos are unlike conventional gold tattoos particularly tear-resistant and can thus also be used for sports activities or on the beach. Design your dream tattoos, upload them and a few days later they are in your inbox. The trendy flash tattoos are especially suitable as jewelry tattoos for summer and festivals.

Please note: Before printing the tattoos, we will send you a confirmation email to assure everything is according to your needs.

Design & Size

We are aware that you probably won’t have had specialised training in designing tattoos. Therefore, we are pleased to help you when it comes to image editing. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Attention: Due to the production process, there may be a small paper marking (dot code) on the backing paper. This is not a reason for complaint.

Final tattoo format Max. design size possible
50 x 50 mm | 1,97″ 40 x 40 mm | 1,57″
50 x 75 mm | 1,97 x 2,95″ 40 x 65 mm | 1,57 x 2,56″
75 x 75 mm | 2,95″ 65 x 65 mm | 2,56″
50 x 100 mm | 1,97 x 3,94″ 40 x 90 mm | 1,57 x 3,54″
75 x 100 mm | 2,95 x 3,94″ 65 x 90 mm | 2,56 x 3,54″
100 x 100 mm | 3,94″ 90 x 90 mm | 3,54″
DIN A6 138 x 95 mm | 5,43″ x 3,74 “
DIN A5 20 x 138 mm | 7,87″ x 5,43″
DIN A4 287 x 200 mm | 11,3″ x 7,87″

User manual

Apply tattoo step 1

Remove protective foil.

Apply tattoo step 2

Press front side of the tattoo on cleaned skin.

Apply tattoo step 3

Moisten tattoo with a sponge or a piece of cloth and wait for 20 seconds.

Apply tattoo step 4

Gently remove release paper and let the tattoo air-dry.

Attention! Gold tattoos that have not yet dried completely on the skin may rub off on other materials (e.g. leather) when exposed to heat.

Increase life-span of your tattoo.

If you want to increase the permanency of your tattoo, use transparent spray patch. We highly recommend that for temporary tattoos worn at sports or in water activities. A good tip on giving your tattoo the extra shine, add a bit of makeup powder to make it look even more realistic.

Our temporary tattoos are inappropriate for the use by kids under the age of 3 years, as items could be swallowed.

Please bear in mind that temporary tattoos should not be applied on sensitive skin around eyes and mouth or on irritated skin.

Print data preparation

Creating print data for your Print Tattoos is very easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Download layout template here
  2. Open the template in your desired graphics program (we recommend Adobe Illustrator)
  3. Edit the template and save it from the graphics program as “Illustrator PDF” (for motifs with a 3 mm bleed)
  4. Upload data in the upload field


  • There must be 5mm space between the motifs and the edge of the final format.
  • Multiple objects on one sheet: If you place multiple objects on one print sheet, make sure there is 5mm space between the motifs all around.
  • Maximum upload or shipping size = 10 MB
  • All graphics and fonts must be embedded or converted to paths for optimal display.
  • The back printing is realized in grayscale. For a colored back print please send us a request by mail.

Alternative for all non-graphic designers:

Upload your desired graphic in our online store as JPEG or PNG in high resolution -> we will then place the file in the selected format and apply the colors correctly.


Safety comes first. All our adhesive tattoos are strictly produced according to the European Cosmetics Regulation EG 1223/2009. This means, the temporary tattoos are manufactured within our premium printing process and rely on tested basic components which have been made in Austria.

All Print Tattoos ingredients are vegan and the products are manufactured as Print Tattoo Organics with a sustainable paper cover as standard. This means that there is no plastic waste generated when using the product.

For an overview of the certifications please click here.

Delivery & Shipment

You are currently working on a project and therefore need your fake tattoos immediately? We offer express delivery upon request. Express delivery will be tailored to your needs and depends on the order situation.Tattoo orders for customers in Austria and Germany are free of shipping costs. Orders that exceed € 200 or € 400 (depending on country) are free of charge, which implies no delivery fee for every European country. Here you find detailed information on shipping charges for individual countries.

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