Individual backside prints

Because our tattoos are cosmetic items, they must be labelled accordingly. The required label can be found on the backside of the release paper.

The following points have to be included into your backside print:

How to apply our temporary tattooos in 6 simple steps

All of the ingredients have to be listed at the backside.

Warning notices
Prescribed warnings, such as the age requirement, must be included on the back.

Information about the manufacturer is obligatory to be shown

Your branding
You can use the remaining white space for your individual branding.

Die Chargennummer der Produktion muss auf jedem Tattoo abgebildet sein.

Design the backside of the tattoo

It is possible to individually design the backside of your tattoos. For example, additional information like advertising, lotteries, or events can be included on the backside print. Multiple colors (4C) are also an option but this is only possible when ordering by mail and must be noted separately. Bear in mind that the “Must haves” which are listed above have to be listed as well.

layout templates

Backside examples