The perfect promotional items for the EM: Fan Tattoos

In the run-up to EURO2024, companies are looking for creative ways to connect fan experiences and brands. What better way to do this than to show your commitment to your favourite team and your own logo on the fans’ skin at the same time? Fan tattoos from Print Tattoo make this possible.


Flag tattoos with logo for the European Men’s Football Championship 2024

Design your individual fan tattoos for your favourite teams and surprise your customers with creative European Championship promotional items or high-quality fan sets. The combination of fan motifs with logos and advertising messages on a tattoo sheet creates a unique connection between the football experience and the respective brand. To order, simply upload the finished motif in our shop and you’re ready to go.

Design tips for your EM fan tattoos

  • Arrange the flags in different shapes (e.g. hearts, curved flags, rectangles)
  • Combine flags with cheers, slogans, goal shouts
  • Place your logo directly on the flags so that they are applied to the skin by the fans
  • Neutrally designed flag tattoos with your company logo can be used not only for the EURO but also for other sporting events such as the Summer Olympics etc.
  • Design the right packaging and create high-quality fan tattoo sets. More about our packaging options.

In addition, temporary tattoos from Print Tattoo fulfil the strict requirements of the European Cosmetics Regulation and received a “Excellent” rating from the Dermatest Institute in 2023. Thanks to the use of vegan ingredients and an environmentally friendly paper cover, Print Tattoos are also extremely sustainable promotional items.

Fantattoos with customised designs can be produced in quantities of 100 or more. They are a cost-effective way to create unique fan experiences for EURO 2024, especially in large print runs.

Fan Tattoos Inspiration

Be inspired by creative projects for your own flag sets. Tip: The back of the tattoos can also be customised. For example, the logo, prize draw details or important information can be placed on the back print. More information about our customisable packprint.

Create your own fan tattoos and order conveniently in our online-shop