Layout Templates

To create the perfect print data, there are a few points to consider. Here, layout templates for all formats are available for you to download so nothing stands in the way of the ideal data structure.

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Templates for download

Layout Design

When setting up the print data, it is important to ensure that the motif is placed approx. 5 mm from the edge of the paper.

Specialty Print

With our special tattoos, a number of points are also to be considered when creating the print data to guarantee a perfect tattoo look. Here we provide you with detailed instructions so that nothing stands in the way of a top printing result.

What is White Print?

White colour is usually not included in a 4C print. The areas that appear white on the screen are transparent on the printed product, so the skin shows through at these spots. If you still want to print white areas, select the option “Colour tattoos 4C+white.”

Why Do I Need White Print?

Not only when white areas are to be displayed but also for stronger colours, white print is particularly well suited to bring the complete luminosity of the colours to the skin. To also ensure a true colour representation of CI colours, white print is the means to the end.

White print is also partially possible: you want bright colours and yet transparent areas? This, too, is possible! Simply clear the areas that you want to keep transparent on the white print layer or note them when placing the order.

How Do Individual Metallic Tones Work?

Only Print Tattoo offers four standard metallic tones. These are goldsilveranthracite, and copper/bronze. In addition, there is also the possibility of fully depositing the colour motif with silver or gold, giving a metallic sheen to other colours. This allows any metallic colour tone to be implemented and thus each colour tattoo to be given an extraordinary effect.

What is Glitter Print?

With the glitter print, a layer of glitter particles is printed under the normal colour print. These particles reflect the light in different directions. This gives the tattoo a special shine and shimmer. The best effect is achieved when the motif consists of bright, vibrant colours.