How to apply temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos from Print Tattoos are attached to the skin using water and will stay there for about two to six days. The tattoos can be removed anytime without traces.

how to apply temporary tattoos remove foil

Step 1: Make sure that skin in the application area is clean and dry. Remove the protective layer on top.

apply temporary tattoos press tattoo on skin

Step 2: Apply the adhesive side onto
clean and dry skin.

apply temporary tattoos dampen with water

Step 3: Dampen the paper well
and press for 20 seconds.

how to apply temporary tattoos

Step 4: Carefully peel back the back side of the tattoo from the corner to check if the design has adhered to your skin.

Video – How to apply temporary tattoos

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How to easily extend permanency?

Tip: Use transparent spray patch to fix your temporary tattoo.

Tip: Apply some powder (baby powder etc.) onto your temporary tattoo in order to minimize the shininess and create a more natural tattoo appearance.

how to apply temporary tattoos not for children younger than three
Our temporary tattoos are unsuitable for children under 3 years. Risk of swallowing
Do not apply on open skin areas, lips, mucous membranes and around mouth or eyes.

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