stick on tattoos with logo designs

Stick on tattoos in color (4c)

Color Tattoos are natural talents among temporary tattoos. Each design can therefore be applied more easily on your skin. Truly authentic logos, pictures or illustrations will bring back the sparkle, not only in your children’s eyes.

Color tattoos from Print Tattoo fulfil all legal requirements of the European Cosmetics Regulation EG1223/2009 and are exclusively printed with skin-friendly colors and glues. Our temporary tattoos can be used by kids without parents having any second thoughts.

Color up your life and create warm memories at your next occasion with custom stick on tattoos. Make up your mind and check the enduring quality yourself.

Information & Service

stick on tattoos with custom designs

 Simple Application

Klebetattoos in Farbe, ANwendungshinweise, kinderleichte Anwendung

Remove protective foil from the
front side.

Klebetattoos in Farbe, ANwendungshinweise, kinderleichte Anwendung

Press front side of the tattoo on cleaned skin.

Klebetattoos in Farbe, ANwendungshinweise, kinderleichte Anwendung

Moisten tattoo with a sponge or a piece of cloth for 20 sec.

Klebetattoos in Farbe, ANwendungshinweise, kinderleichte Anwendung

Gently remove release paper and let the tattoo air-dry.

Upload image, select
quantity & order stick on tattoos!

custom stick on tattoos

Unlimited possibilities with stick on tattoos

Temporary tattoos are not only a big hit with the kids. Print tattoo is an ideal companion when it comes to business events, marketing campaigns, festivals or any other kind of advertising. Orders starting at 100 pieces. Additionally, we offer bundles including further processing, packaging solutions, free sample orders and worldwide shipment.

Adhesive tattoos in color (4c)

Depending on activity, our temporary color tattoos will stay 2 to 6 days on the skin. Their strong character remains resistant to sweat and water. If you want to extend permanency, put hairspray or transparent spray patch on it. Enjoy this unique tattoo experience and convince your target group with your stylish branding.

Stick on tattoos in color
starting at 100 pieces 

You can easily order your individual temporary tattoo of Print Tattoo in our online shop. Place your order now! Select quantity and size, upload your design and buy.