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Tattoo set FAITH – temporary tattoos by Claudius Loucura


2x tattoo set “FAITH”

  • skin-friendly temporary tattoos, regularly dermatologically tested
  • 2-6 days on the skin
  • Easy to apply with water
  • Print Tattoo Organics – 100% vegan and free of animal testing
  • Environmentally conscious packaging (paper cover 100% biodegradable)

Delivery time: approx. 5-10 workdays



2x Tattoo set FAITH on elegant tattoo card

Cross tattoos out of the collection “Magic Thoughts” by Claudius Loucura.

The tattoo set FAITH combines two different ornamental cross tattoos with 2 fine tattoo letterings, which can be applied to wrists, fingers or on the neck. The package contains 2 identical tattoo sheets, each with these 4 motifs.

Attention: Due to the production process, there may be a small paper marking (dot code) on the backing paper. This is not a reason for complaint.

About Print Tattoo Artworks

You want to try out elegant tattoos designed by real tattoo artists on your own skin? With Print Tattoo Artworks this dream can come true. We offer various temporary tattoo sets with hand-drawn motifs that can be easily applied to the skin and will stay there for 2-6 days.

About the artist

Claudius Loucura

Hey, I’m Claudius Loucura and I’m originally from sunny Freiburg. In 2018 I opened my first tattoo studio in Hamburg together with my school friend Florian Thomys. The style in which I implement my motifs belongs to the area of fineline and singleneedle tattooing. I work precisely and I am particularly specialised in small and very detailed motifs.


User manual

Remove protective foil.

Press front side of the tattoo on cleaned skin.

Moisten tattoo with a sponge or a piece of cloth and wait for 20 seconds.

Gently remove release paper and let the tattoo air-dry.

Increase life-span of your tattoo.

If you want to increase the permanency of your tattoo, use transparent spray patch. We highly recommend that for temporary tattoos worn at sports or in water activities. A good tip on giving your tattoo the extra shine, add a bit of makeup powder to make it look even more realistic.

Our temporary tattoos are inappropriate for the use by kids under the age of 3 years, as items could be swallowed.

Please bear in mind that temporary tattoos should not be applied on sensitive skin around eyes and mouth or on irritated skin.

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