Temporary tattoos for children – UNICEF the superhero

Colourful print tattoos as “badges for superheroes” – with these funny temporary tattoos, UNICEF explains to children in a playful way how their organisation works. Because UNICEF is also like a superhero or superheroine who helps children in need all over the world. To explain this message in a child-friendly way, a statement about UNICEF has been included on the back of the tattoos, in addition to the instructions. This way, children can understand why UNICEF works like a superhero. The experience of the colourful superhero children’s tattoos is sure to stay in the memory of young and old for a long time.

tattoos for children
tattoos for children backside
tattoos for children detail

About UNICEF Austria

UNICEF is the abbreviation for “United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund”. The United Nations Children’s Fund was founded in December 1946, initially to help children in Europe after the Second World War. Today, UNICEF works primarily in developing countries, where it works on aid projects for children and mothers.

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